Mini Conehead Jellies Patrol the Seas… Who Knew?

 © David Luquet
© Carré Claude
Habitat: North Atlantic Ocean including Mediterranean Sea; E and W South Atlantic and Indo-Pacific Oceans
Status: No Conservation Concerns
These transparent weirdos are scientifically known as Neoturris pileata but I like to refer to them as Conehead Jellies for obvious reasons. These pictures are a bit deceiving though, for the jellies appear to be pretty big don’t they? In actuality, the bell only reaches lengths of around 30-35 mm high (up to 40 mm when the cone-like projection is well-developed) and up to 25 mm wide.

It does have around 60-80 densely packed tentacles, but I doubt they make it appear very menacing. I’m actually quite fond of these little buggers :)

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  • JustZisGuy

    It’s a brain in a condom! …is what I first thought. In the last picture, the brain-thingy looks kinda like a boxing glove.

  • Ben

    I think the pink blob inside is actually its digestive tract. But then, I too have been known to think with my stomach….