Love Your Bats While They’re Young

baby long eared batimage credit:
long eared bat© Steve Parker
Habitat: northern Eurasia

I really hate when animals start out freaking adorable as babies and then turn into scary ugly creatures. It’s kind of like when you see the previews for a movie and you decide you’re really excited about seeing it but once you actually see the whole movie you hate your life for looking forward to it for so long. That analogy works right?These pictures of the Common Long-Eared Bat have taught me to cherish the fleeting moments of cuteness baby bats bring because before long you’re stuck with the adult version that completely sucks in comparison.

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  • sungame

    What? Are you serious? The baby version really freaks me out, but the adult actually looks rather nice.

    • Ashley

      I think they both are so cool looking! There is nothing ugly about them? I dont understand why people think these guys are ugly when they are so cute. They got little itty bitty nose and tiny eyes and huge ears, I find that quite adorable.

  • Tricia

    That must be how parents feel about their babies as well. Cute for a minute and then they turn into holy terrors. :)

  • SintheaP.

    both pictures freaked me out!!

  • Omar

    I found both of them kind of cute :) the baby because is a baby, and adult is handsome

  • Carin

    I go batty for bats!! Love those ears! Keep those creatures coming!

  • forestwalk/laura k

    C U T E!!!

    another creature that looks like it came right out of Star Wars….

  • Anonymous

    I love them both equally, but I’m partial to bats. Probably because I rarely see them.

  • captainscorpio

    I second the notion that the adults are cuter than the babies.

  • Grace the Big Fat Cow

    The baby looks like plastic, but the adult is actually cute!

  • Anonymous

    Bats are just awesome creatures. even the Mastiff and Vampire. how can anyone be scared of them (except I can understand being wary as all get-out of the vampire bat), I will never understand.

  • gammon1an

    really???? i mean Really? the baby accurately looks like a spawn of satan, the adult however just looks like a bat, which to most people is usually seen as ugly. So for the most part i disagree, baby = evil, adult ugly but kind a cute cuz it slightly resembles a bow tie

  • JammyToast

    I think part of the confusion here is that (I’m fairly certain) the pictures were posted in reverse chronological order, i.e. the cute fluffy one is the baby. That seems to be the way things go in most species, that the babies have downy puffball fur but then the adults lose it.

    That said, I feel sorry for the poor adult. You shouldn’t talk bad about the poor, helpless…. *sigh* Okay, yeah, the thing is butt-ugly.

  • raemcg

    That baby is way creepier than the adult. The adult is furry and has the coolest ears ever! C’mon.

  • Anonymous

    Are these bats real

  • Anonymous

    I Have to say that both baby bat and adult are cute. Bats in and of themselves are beautiful creatures who most people are afraid of due to some very bad depictions in popular media and a lack of knowledge. It is very rare for a human to be attacked by a bat unless they are doing something to provoke the critters. The picks you have here are great but it would be nice if the information you are giving us had less personal opinion and more fact.

  • Anonymous

    Sarcasm anyone?

  • Anonymous

    The ‘ugliest bat’ looks like Homer Simpson, and can’t hold a candle to the wrinkle faced bat for pure ugly. The baby looks like Dobby.

  • Anonymous

    the first one reminds me of a hairless puppy ..

    but god the second one is so cute!! <33

  • Raven

    HOLY CRAP!!! These are soo Beautiful I almost passed out from Beauty overload..Seriously most hairless house apes(humans) are way uglier… no Wings.. can’t Crow cant Fly..Hairless House apes whose perception of beauty for the most part seem so shallow & superficial in comparison with the resonant imagination of Nature.. when the moment is too big your Hearts are too small. The Eyes of the Heart need to develop before you can truly see. the disparaging comments here are way uglier than any of these Magickal little Winged beings..and those words mirror the small mind of the speaker..The word “evil’ does not apply to any Animal except one..humans..Walk In Beauty..

  • Anonymous

    i agree with gammon1an. Im going to have nightmares about the baby. but the adult is sooo cute!

  • Anonymous

    Bats, young or adult, are charming. Ugly is in the eye of the beholder.
    Any animal (short of a naked mole rat) is cuter than some of the people you see on the news.

  • Iva

    They are both super cute and I love the ears. I think the adult’s cuter, actually.

  • Anonymous

    it seems you are talking about a pokemon, not a living animal.
    you suck man!

  • Evi

    I’ll take bats over human children any day!

  • William Matteson

    My – what big ears you have!

  • Vi

    D’awww, they’re both so cute and awkward! <3

  • walter

    its an animal, its god’s creation it doesn’t matter if you THINK its ugly, it might be thinking the same about you but just doesn’t give a fuck …