Is a Tarsier Scary or Cute?

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image credit: Rudi Roels, via Flickr


image credit: Chi sin Gweilo, via Flickr


image credit: jaeWALK, via Flickr
Habitat: Philippines

As I was googling and googling away information on the Philippine Tarsier it become increasingly clear that I could not decide if what I was looking at was a sweet, furrby like creature that deserved major cuddling, or if it was a demonic little piece of fluff that desired to steal my soul.

I want to say it’s cute. I want to say it’s adorable actually.
But then I read this fact: “the Philippine Tarsier’s eyes are fixed in its skull; they cannot turn in their sockets. Instead, a special adaptation in the neck allows its round head to be rotated 180 degrees.”

So… it has to turn it’s head all around just to look at me with those huge eyes? Uhh… that’s rather upsetting. Reminds me of some sort of exorcist thing.

I’m just really unsure what I want to think about the tarsier. What do you think?

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  • Tricia

    That? Is the most awesome creature you’ve posted about. I’ll be needing one of those for a pet.

  • forestwalk/laura k

    i can agree with you on those…scary cute scary cute… mischievous…little gremlin…with those big marbley-glass eyes! looks so small?? cute,,,yet not so cute…i guess it all depends what’s on his mind… :)

  • lotusleaf

    Yes, I think he looks cute most of the times, but imagine him turning his face 180 degrees. I’d run away!

  • Comment1

    Looks like a mixture of a Gremlin and that cute thing that turns into a load of Gremlins.

  • CarlyB

    @lotusleaf – that’s exactly why I think I’m leaning towards the scary side!

  • Tricia

    I think I want one for a pet, that’s what I think. I’ll name him Gizmo and be sure to keep him dry.

  • Audrey

    You are so hilarious! Everyday that I look at your new post and comments on the animals, I find myself giggling out loud like a crazy person! I love learning about the new animals and seeing this one particulary made me laugh and be in awe of the Animal Kingdom once again! Thanks a bunch :)

  • CarlyB

    No thank you Audrey! It really makes me SO happy when people tell me that they’re enjoying my site. Then I know that what I’m doing is providing some form of enjoyment for people out there! Stop by again girl!

  • Omar

    Definitely cute :)

  • Patricia

    I’d say disturbingly cute :) Thanks for your blog. I’m new here and I’m enjoying it!

  • Carin

    Love your wit. You always make me laugh! Your knowledge and keen insights into the Animal Kingdom are always a treat. Thank you!

  • EricFlo

    These tiny creatures are almost always shy, but I swear, at a petting zoo once, one of them actually flashed its teeth at me. Sharp, needle-like teeth. Then, without taking its eyes off me, it reached for the lizard on a stick that i was proffering, and calmly bit its head off. Brrrr!

  • Anonymous

    Love all of your stories!!!!

  • ms-mercurial

    They’re even creepier in person, yo. I have no idea why none of my relatives in the Philippines find them as scary as I do.

    Fun fact: tarsiers were one of the reference animals used in designing E.T.

  • Anonymous

    I can has Preshussss? Gollum.

  • KateBarton

    Gimme gimme gimme! I want to sneak him into my roommates room and laugh and laugh… Can’t tell you how much I love your comments on these freaky creatures :)

  • Anonymous

    if i found this in my house i would be scared