The ‘Easter Egger’ Chickens Who Lay REAL Easter Eggs!

Our egg colors so far
Easter Egger Hen
Habitat: USA
Status: No Conservation Concerns
Did you ever know that there were such a thing as real ‘Easter Egger chickens?!’ An Easter Egger is any chicken that possesses the “blue egg” gene, but doesn’t fully meet any breed description as defined in the American Poultry Association (APA) and/or the American Bantam Association (ABA) standards. Obviously they get their name because their eggs resemble colorful Easter Eggs. There are a couple of breeds that meet this ‘easter egger’ criterion including the Araucana and Ameraucana breeds. 

In addition to there being chicken breeds that produce these blue/green eggs, there are other breeds that can produce red eggs, lavender eggs, brown eggs, etc. The chickens that produced the amazingly colorful eggs in the first picture shown are from left to right, top to bottom:

Ameraucana egg, Ameraucana egg, Easter Egger egg, Polish egg, Jersey Giant egg, Wyandotte egg, Marans egg, Marans egg, and Marans egg.

Happy Easter and Passover everyone!

good girl chick chick
a blue ‘easter egger’ egg against regular chicken eggs

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  • Anonymous

    That is actually insanely expensive by comparison to some very reputable online hatcheries. Try Murray McMurray instead.

  • Illia Chavez

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  • Illia Chavez

    I just want to say thanks and LOVE this site, I’m the owner/photographer of the photo with all the egg colors in the carton. As some advice to anyone looking for neat colored eggs, do not look around big hatcheries. I got all my cool colored egg layers from breeders who focus on quality stock that is healthy and consistent, not on hatcheries who just pump out chicks for profit.

  • Grace Rae Bohlen

    I have an Easter Egger, as well as a Welsummer. Wellies lay dark brown eggs with black spots. She’s too young to lay, but I can’t wait to see her specific color.