Do the Funky Chicken: 9 Weird Breeds of Chicken

The Silkie

silkie chickenimage credit:
silkie chickenimage credit: voodoo_child_91, via Flickr

The Silkie Chicken is the lap dog of the chicken world, with many people owning them because of their docile temperament and amazingly soft & fluffy feathers. It looks like a living cotton ball when walking in your backyard. Some other peculiar attributes of the Silkie are that it has dark blue (almost black) skin, bones, and blue earlobes!

The Naked Neck

naked neck chickenimage credit:

The Transylvanian Naked Neck is not the prettiest of chickens to say the least. Sometimes it’s called a Turken due to the mistaken belief that this was a cross between a turkey and chicken. It’s just a really ugly chicken, simply put.

The Plymouth Rock

plymouth rock chickenimage credit: EssjayNZ, via Flickr

Plymouth Rock chickens, otherwise known as Barred Rock Chickens, are uniquely colored with their zebra-patterned feathers and bright red faces. Up until World War II, no other breed was kept and bred as extensively in the United States as the Plymouth Rock.

The Phoenix

phoenix chicken

Known for their crazy tail feathers which are known to exceed a length of 20 feet (wow!), the Phoenix has been bred in Japan for a thousand years. To maintain these tails, the birds are kept up on high roosts the way parrots are.

The Araucana

araucana chickenimage credit: sponger, via Flickr

araucana chicken eggsimage credit:

An odd bird, the Araucana is characterized by their feather tufts near their ears, lacking any tail, and the fact that they lay blue eggs – which makes them very popular around Easter I’m sure.

The Frizzle

frizzle chickenimage credit:

A funny looking chicken with an even funnier name, the Frizzle developed from a mutation which makes the chicken’s feathers curve outward instead of laying flat like “normal” chickens. I put normal in quotes because I don’t want to offend any Frizzle fans out there. Your chickens are perfectly normal…ish.

The Laced Polish

laced polish chickenimage credit: lophura, via Flickr

laced polish chickenimage credit:

The Laced Polish Chicken has the unfortunate burden of looking exactly like David Bowie in the movie The Labyrinth. Does anyone remember that movie? It was one of my favorites as a kid but even then David Bowie kind of freaked me out. The Laced Polish chickens are known for their crest of feathers that almost completely cover their heads, which is probably pretty obvious.

The Golden Polish

golden polish chickenimage credit:
Another type of Polish chicken, the Golden Polish is really interesting with its golden feathers laced with black and large clump of crest feathers.

The La Fleche

la fleche chickenimage credit:

Last but not least, the La Fleche chicken doesn’t disappoint with its strange V shaped comb that gives it a devilish appearance. Wouldn’t want my chicken nuggets made out of this guy, I’d be afraid I’d get possessed or something – don’t want to take any chances and end up like Emily Rose. *Shudder*

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  • Tricia

    Ah ha ha! That silkie is awesome!! Maybe some things CAN be turned cute when covered with fur. :)

  • Audrey

    I officially love the David Bowie comparison with the Laced Polish chicken..even his makeup matches! Hahaha!

  • springjoy

    I used to have 2 bantam Silkies as pets and I had them one year at a 4H fair. They are so cool. They come in all kinds of colors but mine were small (bantam) with jet black skin and gray and white feathers. They also laid small brown eggs. They look like Rabbits :-)

  • gloria

    shared on fecebook… simply awesome my mom loves chickens so i marked her XD

  • See Bee

    this was so much fun to watch – thanks for posting! I surfed around and thought the Silver Polish chicken was prettier than the golden one.

    And what is this about eating chicken with a fork being illegal in Gainesville, Georgia (supposedly the poultry capital of the world?)

  • fem

    In central america we call the naked neck as Chiricano and the plymouth rock as Cuijen

  • Anonymous

    Awesome. I LOVE chickens, and I like looking at all of the interesting breeds. I have a lot of different chicken breeds. Of the ones you put in this post I have: Silkie and Plymouth Rock. I’ve had Frizzles, and would like to get Naked Necks and Polish.

  • cyril

    thats not a polish with david its a sultan

    • Jeanine

      It’s a Polish. Sultans don’t come in that variety

  • Anonymous


  • eileen sawyer


  • Anonymous

    This made my day. ^^

    I had read earlier that we could suggest creatures to be featured and was considering submitting some of the above, and remarked in a recent post about how there were so many wonderful chickens.

    Then I thought, “MissCarlyB is really smart; I bet if I search I will find she already has these fine chickens posted’. And surely enough, she doesn’t disappoint; here they are on this wonderful site.

    Thank you very much again, Miss CarlyB. With such a menagerie of wonderful animals here, it would’ve been impossible to keep out lovely Silkies and Polish Chickens, and jungle fowl.


  • FYI

    araucanas lay eggs in many colors, off white, pink,green,blue, brown,and shaded from light to dark, you can get a dozen eggs and no two colors the same

  • Michelle

    Rare chicken breeds like these deserve to be maintained not only for their striking appearances, but also because many of them have useful genetic traits such as resistance to disease and/or harsh climates. Many scientists believe that rare breeds of poultry, livestock, and crops have important roles to play in making the world food supply more sustainable.

  • Jeanine

    The “Araucana” pictured is not an Araucana. Araucanas have tufts, but the bird pictured has beard and muffs. Also, in response to “FYI” below….Araucanas only lay blue eggs. You are referring to Easter Eggers, often sold by hatcheries falsely under the name Araucana, or even Ameraucana.

  • Eponymous

    This is a great collection you have there. Especially the silkie is so adorable and cute, I am so getting one sometime in the near future. You may also want to add the modern game breed in your collection :)

    By the way, a great place to see silkies, Phoenix, polish and other strange breeds all together is the poznan zoo in Poland: