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  • Will

    Wanted to say thanks for keeping such a great website. I share the daily creatures with some of my co-workers, most of which terrify them. Haha!!

    Looking forward to what’s next! Have a great day!!

  • Jim Sher

    Hi there,

    You have a picture of a Cape Rain Frog in a gutter on your site with URL:

    This picture is licensed with Copyright to me. Please either remove it from our site or ensure that there is proper credits linked to me and a link back to the picture on my Flickr photostream:



    • CarlyB

      Hi Jim!

      Thank you so much for contacting me about this. I have updated the photo with the proper credit. I apologize for the mistake! Thank you for allowing me to keep it on the site, the photo is excellent! :)

      All the best,

  • Erika

    This is my new favorite blog <3 It's awesome to see people that are obsessed with animals as much as i am!

  • Renee

    You featured an article about an eagle that can carry off children. Check this out!

  • josh

    ok a few I want to see featured…
    comes from native american church culture, check out the darter if you havent. the african darter. sweet looking bird!

    its the symbol of peyote, a medicinal cactus with a culture around it. at the end of all night prayer ceremonies in the peyote native american culture, they shape the coals in the fire into a darter. its beautiful. anyway. totallly random to fall upon your site tonight glad I did

  • Vegan

    I love animals. Therefore, I am vegan.

  • spydah

    Happy New Year Carly! Thanks for your website. Love the creatures.

  • Penny Wood

    Hi Carly, I thought you might be interested…

    A new bat named after its devilish appearance, a subterranean blind fish, a ruby-eyed pit viper, and a frog that sings like a bird are among the 126 species from the Greater Mekong newly identified by scientists and highlighted in the WWF report, Extra Terrestrial. The report compiles the work of scientists from numerous institutions across the world. Since 1997, an incredible 1,710 new species were newly described to science in the Greater Mekong region, which includes Thailand, Cambodia, Myanmar, Vietnam and Laos.

    Amid the excitement of these discoveries is the grim reality that many species could disappear before they are ever recorded because of man-made pressures in the area. Habitat loss and illegal hunting for meat, decoration or purported medicinal qualities are just some of the threats to the region’s astonishing biodiversity. The terrifying drop in the number of wild tigers and the 2010 extinction of the Javan rhino in Vietnam are urgent reminders that species are being lost at an alarming rate due to human pressures.

    If governments fail to invest in and value conservation this region’s treasure trove of biodiversity—and the countless benefits it offers to people—could be lost forever.

    Penny :)

  • Mike

    Carly, your website is incredible. I wanted to make a suggestion. You probably already thought of it. To support yourself, you could become an amazon affiliate. Then, if I need to buy anything for my business or life, I can just find it through a search box on your web site. I think you would get money. I am NOT affiliated with amazon. I just love when people do NOT lose their passion with their blog, and keep it up. Like you have. So I’m trying to think of ways to help. I came to your site because I love nudibranchs and I can NOT believe you feature them a lot. Awesome! Please keep up the great work.

  • Nikki Edwards

    I ran across your blog by complete accident, and I am amazed by the amount of “Featured Creatures” out there that I’ve never heard of. I found your information not only interesting, but through your personality and love for the “unique finds”……it was enjoyable to read about each creature in our shared love for their individuality! I have to commend you for following your dreams while still pursuing a career…good job! You are an accomplished young woman who is beautiful, has a great personality, and a passion for educating the world about the creatures not receiving their fair share of recognition. I would love to see you get your your own show, and have complete faith that you’d be successful at it if given the opportunity. It seems as though your current employer could give you a trial weekly show….if anything…it could be geared toward children. Imagine how many kids would love science more or set their career goals based upon your show! I just had to say good luck to you, glad I found your blog, and I look forward to learning more from you! Thank you! It only takes one right person to see what you’ve accomplished here….., and you could be the next “Big Thang”! Stay positive!

  • Jon St. Amant

    Hi Carly,

    I just discovered your site today, and really look forward to learning about all the amazing animals you feature. I , too, love animals, and love to travel the world to seek them out. I am an art teacher and aspiring comic artist, and I’ll definitely be using some of the images as references for my comic, which is about a rock band of bugs called Shelby and the Blooms (you can google it). Keep up the great work!

  • Penny Wood

    Got another one for you:
    The Mysterious Blanket Octopus – The blanket octopus is perhaps the only creature on earth aside from man that truly appreciates a sense of drama. For example, most animals use things like poisons, sprays or smells as defensive mechanisms to ward off attackers. Not the blanket octopus. The blanket octopus instead uses its giant, built-in flowing cloak to dissuade potential predators by essentially convincing them that it’s the ocean’s Batman. Over the generations, the blanket octopus evolved an immunity to the poison of the man o’ war, not because it was getting preyed on by that species, but so it could get in nice and close to the thing and rip off its poisoned tentacles, which it then carries around the ocean and uses to whip anything that looks at it sideways.

  • kathy

    hey i thought you might like to see these transparent ants they turn whatever color they eat tis very coool

  • jason

    hey have you seen the rare kingfisher its on fb amazing facts its an awsome looking little bird great site you have keep up the greatness peace.

  • Antwonet Me’Sha Cook

    Hi…I want to know how can I help you out with the animals???

  • Ju Diniz

    hi, guys!
    just writing to say you are a wonderful source of inspiration to my blog! I write about fashion inspired in nature images (animals, plants, flowers…). I find so much here that I’d just like to say thanks!
    all the best, Ju Diniz

  • Bramasto

    Interesting site you have here with beautiful pics (of the animals and You :D) back to business, i tried to find Komodo Dragon in your site, but I couldn’t find it, so it’s a top recommendation from me cause it’s one of our national pride :)

    And another favorite twisted-mixed animal of mine (that I still doubted to exist even after seeing it’s picture!), Okapi, the African Unicorn, with Zebra’s arse, horse’s body and giraffe’s head


  • Lori Burkell

    Please add me to your website as this is FANTASTIC stuff. Thank you!

  • Michael Duncanson

    I absolutely love the monkey face orchids. Can you buy them anywhere in Australia?

    • phunyfarm

      Thanks, had a ball with the animal orchids.

  • Sugar

    Hey :) You should take a look at the glowing cockroach Lucihormetica luckae, I think you’ll like it !

  • Yan Diego Wilson Estrella

    The Hispaniolan Solenodon is really awesome, a prehistoric rodent native to the island of Hispaniola.

  • susnismatt .

    Hey, that Yulin Dog Meat Festival is one of the most disturbing things ever. Unreal. Other than that Awesome website and an even more amazing passion for animals that I also share. An interesting read for you might be the possible cures that are being derived from animal venoms, which are helping with diabetes, surgeries, cancer, pain, etc. PBS also has a documentary covering this topic….Keep up the Conservation. -Matt

  • Jeremy Speres

    Love the site revamp Carly. Keep up the good work!