Hello Featured Creature Fans… it’s contest time! Come up with a hilarious, witty, and creative caption for the photo above to win a free app code for Kodee’s Canoe by Nitrogen Studios. It’s an interactive storybook for preschoolers. With a unique and charming design, stunning tappable CGI animation on every page, and a focus on soft science, Kodee’s Canoe will keep children entertained for hours. (sounds good to me!) I will choose five people to win!

Nitrogen Studios is based out of Vancouver, Canada with a mission to educate children in a fun way about nature. They produce 1 minute shorts on creatures, like this one about a salamander! The animations are absolutely adorable. Make sure to check them out!

You can submit your captions by commenting on this post or Email Me! Good luck everyone!

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  • Frank C.

    Ahhh this is the life!