Bleeding Love: The Bleeding-heart Dove

bleeding heart doveimage credit: vzonabaxter

bleeding heart doveimage credit:

bleeding heart doveimage credit: ysaleth

bleeding heart doveimage credit: radio4

bleeding heart doveimage credit: CharlesSF

bleeding heart doveimage credit: arleneb
Habitat: island of Luzon in the Phillipines
Status: Near Threatened
First off, I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s Day! For those of you who did not, you probably have something in common with this Bleeding-heart Dove (Gallicolumba luzonica).
No, this bird is not wounded. It’s name comes from the splash of bright red color in the middle of its white chest that makes it appear like it’s hurt. The redness extends down its belly, making it seem as if blood is running down from the wound.

The Bleeding-heart, though not formally listed as endangered, is seriously threatened because local people trap them for meat. The pet trade has also taken an interest in them for their distinctive markings.

Really spectacular bird, don’t you think? Though I hope it’s name doesn’t account for it having a poor Valentine’s Day!

Everytime I see this creature a snippet from the Leona Lewis song “Bleeding Love” plays in my head…

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  • Clouded

    It truly looks like someone shot it in the chest. They should rename it to ‘Zombie Dove’

  • yuki

    you shoot zombies in the head. i’d go with the stake-through-the-heart-vampire-dove.