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About Carly


Pandas – cute.


Nudibranchs – …..?

Some creatures are blessed with charming “public images,” but others, not so much. That’s where I come in. I’m not a biologist or a zoologist or any other kind of -ologist. Mainly because I’m terrible at math… stupid college course requirements…

But, I do have an insane passion for animals and I work in public relations. That means I have a knack for getting the media’s attention on the important stuff; like caterpillars that look like Albert Einstein, horses  that appear to be made out of gold, and cats that look like werewolves – just to name a few.

me with a giant sea hare!

Cuddliest [captive bred] mini-macaw!

There are so many animals on this planet that are in need of a little time in the spotlight. The world has lost over half its biodiversity in the last 40 years, so time is of the essence to spread the word about each and every extraordinary creature.

I’m going to introduce you to animals you never even knew existed. In return, I simply ask that you share their stories so that we can tell the world how every #featuredcreature deserves a place on this planet.

Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, or Tumblr. I literally read/try to respond to every email sent to me and each comment made. Oh, and if you need help identifying a creature you’ve spotted, send those pics in! I love helping to ID!

Can’t wait to connect with you, fellow animal lover!

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  • jason marrs

    love what yu are doing deep up the good and fun work

  • Keith Valachi

    Nice upgrade to your site, Carly. I regularly forward your cool critters to friends and family, and understand your obsession. Just can’t figure out why there aren’t more people who share the amazement of the incredible variety of wildlife around us. And every one our cousin, however distant they may be. Keep doing what you love, you will undoubtedly realize your dream someday, I will enjoy your show!

  • john madsen

    Oh my, those bats are so cute! I think this is one of the highest purposes of humans, to wonder at and appreciate all the cute animals on earth! Keep up the great work!


  • Nora Blansett

    I’m a professional watercolour artist and I spend a great deal of time on your website looking for inspirational critters to someday paint! Thank you so very much for sharing with us — this site is absolutely fantastic!


  • spydah

    Love your site!

    Thank you…

  • Kristen

    Hi Carly,

    This is Kristen from The Hunt. I just wanted to let you know how cool your website is and thank you for supporting ours! Glad you found your new favorite jacket and that animals have you on their side. :)

    Keep up the good work!


  • Gary Levine

    Nice website, ive also had a love for the strange creatures on our planet. Five years ago i was fortunate to spend 6 weeks touring the various habitats in Madagascar and got to see some of the strangest and wonderful creatures.
    Keep it up,

  • Rob

    Hi Carly, glad I found your site. I found you at my Pinterest community board Cute Adorable Animal Pictures where one of the pinners pinned a picture of the tiny chameleon which I found fascinating. I subscribed to email updates from you and looking forward to learning new wonderful things about creatures. Thank you, Robbie G aka splashduck :)

  • emon

    hi carly, u r as beautiful as the jewel beetle *,*

  • josh

    agree agree with these posts^^^^
    totally LOVE what you’ve put together here, these animals are blowing my MIND! lol

    i do podcasts on extraterrestrial paranormal rare stuff, there is an obscure subculture, who are essentially contacting beings. elves, clowns, angels cherubs, demi gods, etc. aliens. using entheogens. anyway, its pretty interesting. I would love to invite you onto one of the podcasts via webcam to promote your sweet website and dream of having your own show. its called “from the outer fringe” we’re working on the website now

    anyway. much respect and many thannks for this I love animals they are so funky freaky fresh…

  • Mike pea

    Hi Carly , I love animals I have 2 dogs and a cat and they help me through the toughest time I don’t know what I would do without them. I used to have chameleons but they died they stress very easy I used to let them sleep on my hand they loved it , I feel the animals know you better than you know your self that’s why they are always watching you.just wanted to say hello , do you mind if I added you on Facebook ?

  • Gabrielle

    Carly! I still love your posts and LOVE sharing them with family and friends. Good luck on getting your own nature show. How cool would it be to be the next “David Attenborough?” :)

  • Jeff

    I guess national geographic would do? It’s better than those other crappy channels

  • Gordon

    OMG Carly B., you are absolutely gorgeous. And this site, which I just discovered, is super cool. You’re going to have that show someday soon. – G

  • Mike

    I love animals,too. I always have.

  • Erick

    Hey Carly my name is Erick. Your love for animals has given you the ability to make such a facinating site. My favorite was the blue dragon. It’s exciting to see new creature living with us. That shows us that we humans are never alone on this planet. Thank you again for such a wonderful site. I wish the best for you and hope you will have a tv show of your own.

    • CarlyB

      Thank you so much, Erick! I really appreciate your sweet comments! :)

  • Tracy

    Hi Carly,
    You sound like a real animal lover. Now, to realize your dream, you need to become a real animal expert. May I suggest that being a production assistant on a talk show won’t get you there? What about working for one of the animal organizations that has a very strong PR or performance aspect? San Diego Zoo. One of the big nature preserves, etc. You’re on the wrong side of the camera and production assistants are a dime a dozen. On air animal handlers…who can talk and play to camera well…aren’t! I wish you the best of luck. The sooner you start, the better!

  • Joe

    Look out Carly, my 7 year old daughter might be crazier for animals than you! We know all the delivery days of all our local pet shops and are usually there upon arrival. If my wife didn’t restrict us we would have MORE animals than a zoo. Stumbled onto your site looking for Pets to buy (can’t find a BullFinch anywhere)gonna show my daughter this site later. Wifey might get mad that I’m commenting on a Hot girl’s web page but ,Damm your worth it. GET THAT FACE ON TV ALREADY!!!! Good Luck

  • Frank The Limerick Rake

    I love, love, love me some cute creatures, particularly if they’re rare of interesting cute creature. However, so far my favorite of all on the site is that fox in the (those) picture(s) at the top of the page.
    BOOM! Super smooth. What else does one expect from a Limerick Rake though? Frank also gets the prize for being the first one to note that you are attractive. I’m perceptive like that, grrrrrl.

  • Dave


  • Ray Garber

    I just found your Face Book page and liked it. Your FB page and web site have both peaked my interest, thank you for that. I look forward to enjoying your incite as you share your passion with us all. Oh I would not forgive myself if I did not complement how incredible your eyes look in your FB cove photo. Thank you Ray G.

  • Nicole

    Hi, I’m Nicole and just as obsessed as you are! I volunteer at the Columbus Zoo and just love it there. I’ve had pretty much every pet possible, but currently I’m keeping snakes because they’re easier to take care of and don’t bother my allergies. Really though, I love ALL animals, and pretty much everything living.

    My dream is to have a huge sort of interactive zoo that visits schools and teaches kids about animals. Something that branches out all over the country and will be able to reach everyone, no matter where they live or what their financial situation is like. I’d like to institute a major change in the interactions between humans and animals, and make it better for the lives of both of us.

    Hah, a girl can dream! You’ll have your show, I’ll have my education group, and hey, we might meet someday!


  • Helene

    Hi Carley, my niece, Kasey shared your site with me. I find it fascinating. I love all the rare and exotic creatures you clue us into. The world is a glorious place. Creatures big and small. Please keep up the work and luck with your life dreams.

  • Stephanie

    Hey, I’m currently an Entomology Grad student, and I really enjoy your site. Keep it up! :D And thanks for sharing

  • Machavelli Medici.

    Your website is awesome. You need your own television show. For children and adults. Keep up the great work. ~ MM

  • Dennis

    I don’t know if you check this site anymore, it looks like most of the comments were posted a year ago. Any how, I ended up on your sight and I was looking through the posts and felt like I was a kid again scavenging through animal planet books/magazines. Really nostalgic and cool. If you’re still chasing the dream keep it up! Our generation has to put something educational back on television, we could use someone like you!

  • Dennis

    So I realized I read the first comments and not the newest. Whoops.

  • Casey

    Amazing site!!! i’m blown away by these beautiful creatures, and you have done an amazing job organizing and showcasing them. i never saw a nudibranch until, and just spent about an hour with my 2 yr old daughter looking at them…we both couldn’t take our eyes off of them. we stayed on the site for 2 hours…that’s a long time for a 2 yr old, and we were both amazed at the beauty and knowledge here…i suffer from severe depression, but looking at your site today really reminded me how much beauty there is in this world. thank you!!! casey

  • james

    just found your site… will have a dig around.
    do you help/support mega or micro bats?


    • CarlyB

      of course! I absolutely adore bats!

  • emmy

    hey carly! good thing i found your site! :) i was actually looking for some unusual speciation of insects and well, i guess you really did a great job with this! :) the Giant Weta is so cool! wish i have one. :( anyway, thank you so much for making this site. you’re helping everyone without even knowing it. :) i wanted to have an elder sister like you so i can share my thoughts and amazement on different creatures, unfortunately, i don’t have. :( i hope you’d continue with what you love and with the thought of this as a blessing from God. :) stay cool carly! and, oh! can you help me figure out how this Giant Weta evolved? is it because of the scarcity of food or something? :) i really hope you can answer me. please? mwaah!


  • Joel Rogers

    Love your site! I ran across it checking out Northern Cassowary pictures online. I breed Southern Cassowaries, and have always wanted Northerns, but they are insanely rare in captivity. Thanks for all the awesome pics.

  • smartz118

    Beautiful site; it’s well organized, has amazing content and the owner is pretty darn cute too. I love animals and wish I could be able to see animals in the wild instead of in zoos and stores. +1 Bookmark.

  • Richard Shwedo

    Carly – It was Nick Thornley who said it best…”Dreams are the most powerful motivators of all”. I say, Dreaming is what makes life worth living.

  • BettyBronco

    thanks for all of the cool information and photos!

  • Lucas B.

    Beautyfull animal obsessed girl you are indeed! :)

  • Ethan Jones

    Marry me, please? <3

  • Miles Lartch

    love your site, hope you get a program. ps the clown spiders are more than freaky! they are disturbing. how does the spider feel? i mean everyone is freaked about spiders being on them when they walk through a web, now we have to worry about clowns being on us too!!!

  • whiskey_river1

    What a cool site! Thanks for this. I am an environmental/animal law attorney, so I am always looking for new sites to learn about animals. Very cool.

  • Kumaran Engg

    I am eager to see more tropical & sea animals

  • Barbara Psoda

    Amazing site :)

  • Shirley Jones

    Excellent Idea, good for you!

  • Nina Alfia

    i lurv this! so simple yet so full of info & interesting facts! thank you for sharing now i know where to get my lesson resources for my little students! :)

  • Kazmi Smh

    Carly B
    why chose this field for working ? their are so many other field …..!

  • Hussein_In_The_Whitehouse

    I’d like to suck on your cunt

  • linda

    Found ur site n looked for hrs ..amazing animal n thanks for sharing so we can all learn about different creatures on our planet that we never thought existed

  • linda

    Amazing creatures n animals ….beautiful’s nice to see different kind of animals in the world…

  • Misty Sessions

    Hey I love your site and hope you always follow your dreams also enjoy following your every adventure! I only wish I could get to see all that you do but by you sharing your photos I feel like I was there with you! Please keep sharing your photos and more with us all ! Peace be with you daily ! I thank you for being as amazing as you are and hope one day I could meet you and/or be your friend ! Look me up if you want … Misty Sessions ! Facebook me !

  • Zephian Alberts

    Hi Carly.
    What an amazing site! Like you, I am also a little obsessed with nature and wildlife, especially the arthropod family. I spend most of my free time in the African wilderness taking people on walking trails. So, I know what it is like to live the wildlife dream. There should be more people like yourself doing this good work and just being an ambassador for the silent voices out there.
    Keep on following your dream.

  • Crissy Bene

    I love people that love animals, ecology, (or plants), as much. Great page; especially enjoy how what you’ve displayed isn’t only animals that are soft and cuddly. Great information and exciting tumblr account too, Thankyou Carly!

  • Rylin Mariel

    Wow! I had NO idea Sea Hares got so large – this one’s about as big as a “land hare”! ;-) I picked up little ones at Matheson Hammock in FL when I was a kid – are these the same or is there specifically a giant species of Sea Hare?

  • Melissa Abrams

    I’m teaching zoology for the first time next semester and I’d love to put together a list of odd and interesting animals students likely haven’t heard of for them to research. I know you post a lot of that kind of thing here, I’m a huge fan and follower on Facebook. Do you have any sort of list like this already put together? Thought I’d ask to save myself some time. Thanks!

    • TheFeaturedCreature

      Hi Melissa! I’d love to help out. I was thinking of starting up a ‘resources’ section for teachers that would hold just this sort of material. Maybe we can collaborate together and come up with something fun! Email me! :D

  • David Shand

    Hi Carly,

    I just found your wealth of amazing blogs with so many beautiful images of the amazing creatures of our World! I have a number of natural history pics on my Flickr site which you are welcome to use in your blogs if useful. I have a very large number of marine invertebrate images from my younger scuba diving days but have had not time to scan the transparencies converting them in to digital images.

    Very Best Wishes for 2014!
    David Shand

    • TheFeaturedCreature

      Thank you so much David! :)

  • Kathleen McCabe

    Carly, you rock!!! I wish I could bring as much joy, laughter, awe, enlightenment and knowledge in your day as you do in mine…in greatest appreciation, Kat

    • TheFeaturedCreature

      thank you so much Kathleen! Such kind words :) Really appreciate it!

  • Daoud Pacha

    Hello there!

    …and many thanks for the site and the pics…and just something about not-so-well-known fauna. I also have been attracted by the animal kingdom since I was a kid (especially by those beasts who don’t seem to “be much” but stand tall -meercats, mongooses, warthogs, roadrunners, adjutant cranes…you name it).

    I send a pic of a kite spider I spotted two years ago during a safari in Zimbabwe. This one doesn’t look very edible though (“birds, clear off”, it seems to tell). Hope you’ll like it.

    Take care.



    P.S.: oh, I forgot, one for your collection: ever heard of the oarfish (yes, I suppose you do. Neat blighter, isn’t it?…) ? One has been (at last) spotted by a camera quite recently. I suppose you’ll find the vid on the net easily.

    • TheFeaturedCreature

      amazing spider. I’m torn on what genus it might belong to… have you had anyone give you a species?

  • eddynutz

    I have lots of pets and they are all very well happily kept but do you believe there is a limit to how many pets one should have or have living together?

  • I❤Animals

    OMG, same here!

  • I❤Animals


  • Penugonda Nanda Kumar

    You also seem to be rare species…a beautiful girl interested in
    rare species … Keep it up.

  • Greg Hamill

    Yeah, girl…you got the brains, the looks, the passion, and mainly THE LOVE for the critters! Thats what makes all the “greats” great- Steve Irwin, Jack Hannah,Jeff Corwin, they maintain a child-like sense of wonder and curiosity. Animal Planet needs some fresh air like you, instead of all the swampy, antebellum fodder they currently spoon feed us! Best of luck, and thanx for bringing this to us!

  • BoydoIseeyou

    You Jane?

  • Robert Schreib

    Why not add a category of immortal creatures, including the microscopic ones like flatworms, hydras and water bears?

  • Audrey Maffei Schneider

    Keep up your wonderful work. I hope I see you on tv one day soon.

  • Moriah Warren

    I love animals too! On all the things on this website I say AWWWWWWWWW at least 10 times and say over here!

  • kev

    YOU love animals!? I LOVE ANIMALS! What a coincidence!

  • ¥$£

    Very impressive website with huge collection of appealing short articles full of photos. Good intro learning site and reference and inspiration library for concept artist too. Good job there!

  • Marcus

    Excellent pictures on your site. Nice job. Thanks for being interesting.

  • Kt Yankowski

    I’m an art teacher in Illinois and my classes love your website! So much inspiration in nature! Thank you Carly! :)

    • TheFeaturedCreature

      That’s awesome! If I can ever help with your classes please let me know. I’ve been interested in putting together guides for some time now that might be inspirational for artists or something like that. Maybe we can collaborate! Email me :)

  • Susan

    I love your site! I am an animal lover too!

    • TheFeaturedCreature

      Yay! Thanks Susan, glad you’re with us then!

  • Saleh Stevens

    Hey there! I’vebeen following your site for a long time now and finally got the bravery to
    go ahead and give you a shout out from Humble Texas!

    Just wanted to say keep up the fantastic work!

  • Colette Lorimer

    Hello Carly, lovely to have discovered your site thanks to Butterfly Conservation, best wishes and I look foward to following your posts! Colette, over at

  • James

    Carly it’s hard to look at all these fine specimens you have found when ur so smoking hot!!! Ur gorgeous!!!