6 Strange Breeds of Hairless Cats

6 Strange Breeds of Hairless Cats

Cats are typically fuzzy, soft little creatures that enjoy a good snuggle (once in a while, on their terms)! The cats below are still very cute and friendly, though they lack one of the characteristics common to most cats: fur. There are several breeds of cat that differ in the level of hairlessness they sport. Some are completely bald while others resemble fuzzy little peaches. Here they are, in all their naked glory:

The Elf Cat
image credit: http://nocoatkitty.com/elf-cats
 image credit: elfkittens.com
Cat breeders Kristen Leedom and Karen Nelson were the brilliant minds that came up with the Elf Cat – a hybrid consisting of the American Curl and the Sphynx. These adorable kitties have ears that curl back into “points” much like their elfin affiliates.

The Ukrainian Levkoy 
 image credit: ukrainlevkoy.narod.ru
image credit: ukrainlevkoy.narod.ru
image credit: ukrainlevkoy.narod.ru
image credit: muamat.com
Hailing from the Ukraine is the Levkoy Cat. These are a mix between cats with folded ears (probably a Scottish Fold) and a Sphynx. The result is a naked kitty with drooping ears. It is thought that their name was taken from the Levkoy plant which has leaves that resemble the Levkoy’s oddly folded ears.

The Bambino
image credit: Valeriy Sinitsin, bambino-cats.comimage credit: Valeriy Sinitsin, bambino-cats.comimage credit: bambinocats.com, S OsborneIf you’re looking for a naked kitty with short, stumpy legs… then look no further! This is the Bambino, a result of a cross between a Munchkin Cat and a Sphynx. I. Want. One!

The Peterbald 
image credit: petlittle.com
image credit: gotpetsonline.com
image credit: picturesofkittens.org
image credit: babyrah.com
In 1994, Russia graced the world with the creation of the Peterbald – a hybrid between a Russian Hairless (Donskoy) and an Oriental Shorthair female. They have a narrow, long head, webbed feet and a long rat-like tail. Adorable, basically.

The Donskoy

image credit: petsfoto.com
image credit: freeanimalspictures.com
image credit: Antonio Martelli
image credit: animalidalmondo.com
The Donskoy has a number of aliases including the Russian Hairless, Don Hairless, and Don Sphynx. While this breed is typically confused with the Sphynx, it differs in its genetic makeup. The Donskoy’s hairlessness gene is dominant (which makes for easier breeding) whereas the Sphynx’s is recessive.

The Sphynx 
 image credit: cats-wallpapers.com
 image credit: kittycatbreeders.com
image credit: en.wikipedia.org

You can call it the Sphynx, the most famous hairless cat breed in the world. Originating in Canada in 1966 when a single hairless kitten named Prune was born. The Sphynx seems like a relatively new breed. However, hairless cats can be traced back to the time of the Aztecs! While they appear completely bald, the Sphynx’s are actually covered in a light “peach fuzz.” How delicious!


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  • SminkyPinky

    Utterly horrible and disrespectful. These people must really hate cats to do this to them..

    • Anonymous

      They’re mutations, they’re born that way stupid ass

      • SpookshowBaby

        Whoever u r…saying that they arent born that way…u r the idiot my friend. yes it’s considered a mutation but they are born that way. we do not change them. they’re simply bred this way. is anything else with a mutation not born that way…dumbass. u ppl make drive crazy

        • Tami

          SminkyPinky, I completely agree with you. And as far as the stupid comments, maybe you should check yourself first. I can’t believe you didn’t get that this person is talking about the massive amounts of overbreeding and inbreeding involved to create something so unnatural. THAT is cruelty at it’s finest. There is a reason cats have fur. To regulate their body temperatures. This isn’t evolving to a warmer climate, this is human interference and it IS ABSOLUTELY cruel.

          • Ben

            By that standard, all domesticated animals are the result of “cruelty” as you describe it. Cats and dogs as we know them would not exist without the centuries of selective breeding that created them.

        • Lethe

          Idiot. Do you know what ‘bred’ means? They are altered genetically by inbreeding to produce the selected trait. A trait that may in fact be harmful to the animal, but that satisfies people like you.

      • KittyLover

        I agree SminkyPinky. Some people just want a designer pet. I’ll bet other cats see them and they’re like “FREAK”!! Any-whoo Calm down weirdos, nobodys saying they should be put to death, but come on. That cannot be comfotable.

    • Anonymous

      SminkyPinky you’re an idiot

      • Ken

        These cats are the result of inbreeding. Therefore yes it is disgusting and disrespectful. The OP was not talking about the cats, he was talking about the sick breeders who do this type of things to animals.

        • Anna

          Almost EVERY cat breed is the result of inbreeding. Cats have a little more genetic leeway than humans, so breeding two animals with the desired traits–related or not–is an integral part of breed development. These are all recognized breeds, so they’ve been given the “is this mutation dangerous/likely to get it killed by a reasoning person with common sense/a genetic disease in disguise” all-clear by international cat breeding organizations

    • Anonymous

      ^ agreed. They are all beautiful.

  • Anonymous

    I feel the same way Sminky Pinky ,why would anybody want cats to look like that.

    • Anonymous

      People didn’t breed them naked. the breed dates back to the aztecs. people have just refind it over the years. my sir nearly naked is the coolest sweetest cat ever .they are wonderful with well behaved kid and will adapt to almost anything with lots of trust and patience

  • Anonymous


  • Berl

    “These people must really hate cats to do this to them.”

    Um… do WHAT to them? They haven’t been shaved, if that’s what you think – they were born like that.

  • Anonymous

    WHAT YOU HAVE DONE IS HORRIBLE I HATWE YTOUY QW DWQC. I HATE YOU. yiou deserve to die. in the night im going to co9men and sew up your anu7s,

  • Anonymous


    • Anonymous

      …It’s not…He can do it and keep feeding you…and feeding you…and feeding you…

  • Anonymous


  • Anonymous

    hi everyone, this is justin bieber, relax and listen to baby, it will calm you down. i dont understand why my fans are hating on me. this is a justin bieber website, not a cat website, what are you doing guys?

  • Selena Gomez

    SHUT THE FUCK UP BIEBER. I know about you and that Mariah Yeater girl.

  • Mariah Yeater

    Yeah me and him had passionate intercourse, what?

  • Bert Finklehbop

    I only came on here for the cats.

  • sophieaird
  • sophieaird

    I meant ‘Can these be made into warhammer figurines’
    Sexysoph xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Caleb Howley


  • boylover

    Hi There
    I am a man, looking for a woman. Any woman, even a female cat.

  • Anonymous

    I’m married to the second cat. We’ve been together for seven years and are expecting kids.

  • Anonymous

    The first 3 “breeds” are not recognized by any cat association. Only the Peterbald, Donskoy & Sphynx are registered. The Peterbald is the best of course with it’s long elegant lines and oriental looks of the Siamese & Oriental Short hair. They are actually beautiful. Look up Peterbald & you will see, they are registered under the TICA association and known throughout the world; they have been on the cover of Vogue as well as featured in many motion pictures. Peterbalds are extremely smart, smarter than dogs.

  • anonymous writer of everything you find hilarious

    OI YOU UP THERE, yeah you, the one that’s apparently married to the cat, yeah, stop trying to be funny. You’re not funny, I’m funny, me ME

  • RebekahRothwellCatLover

    I find aLl these comments deeply hurtful as I fully respect these cats for who they are

  • Anonymous

    I want a Sphynx so bad, more than anything else in the world, just have to convince DH… sigh…

  • Anonymous

    This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  • Anonymous

    I want the bambino it’s so cute like a piglet

  • Anonymous

    By the way peopl who are saying its cruel what they do to these cats is wrong there Egyptian and born like that idiots

    • Anonymous

      They’re (not there) not an Egypitian breed. They are born like that the rest of you are idiots.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/13463087315715590984 times

    If you cannot see the beauty in any of these cats, you have no compassion. You must be living in complete misery.

  • Anonymous

    i have wanted a hairless cat for as long as i can remember, now there is 2 hairless cats that i want, the bambino, and the ukrainian levkoy,

  • Hairless Pussy Lover

    I have always wanted a Black Elf Sphynx and Im gonna call him Niga now I want a White Ukranian Levkoy and Im gonna call him Whitey!! Ahhhh they r soooooooooooooo beautiful!!!!!!

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/14590707487207042357 Chrissie

    I think they were used to warm bed? Anyway, I think it would be very useful. I love it when my cats sleep in my bed during winter, but you can find cat fur in my hair. They are the warmest thing to put in bed. Some heater can cause fire! Several people died because of that =(

  • http://75-gallon-aquarium.com 75 gallon aquarium

    I only came on here for the cats:)

  • Anonymous

    omg..these cats scares the living shit out of me…if i had seen one inreal life id probably have a myocardioinfarction {heart attack}..the ugliest shit ive ever seen

  • Anonymous

    Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder,that’s me and they are truly beautiful in body and inside. They are affectionate and gentle and loving and smart. Beautiful and regal looking.


    Cats. Yum.

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/17774977987631116694 Tera’

    These cats are precious animals. They are wonderful pets for those allergic to cats and the fur or dander. They are not a freak of nature like some think they are just precious little critters who need love too…

  • Anonymous

    I reallly want a hairless cat. the best would be a ukranian levkoy,they are soooo beautful and im sure they cost a lot! does anyone have one so ugly they cant love?they can give it to me and i promise to love it! THANKS CARMEN

  • Anonymous

    I love cats and I can’t have one because my husbands allergic, but hairless cats are wonderful alternatives. They’re so sweet and loving.

  • Anonymous

    I had a hairless rat one time, ugly as shit but sweet as could be. She looked just like one of the pink cats shown. I wish I could own a hairless dog, cat, & rat….I think I’d tattoo all 3 so everyone would know who had the craziest family around. {we may be nuts, but we’re loveable}:)

    • Defenseman13

      I’ve had hairless rats too. Something about the hairless gene that makes them SO friendly.

  • Anonymous

    They sort of all look sad in a way but maybe that’s just because they don’t have fur. Actually, I never have seen my cat smile so I suppose he would look sad without his fur. These cat’s sure are different but that’s what makes the world go round. And besides, they need love too!

    • Random

      I am looking at a cat that looks so very intellegant. It actually looks you in the eyes. These cats seem to have a high than normal intellegence or maybe the owners pay more attention to them so they are more responsive? I think they are so beautiful looking.

  • Anonymous

    I take that back….after looking at them again it was actually me that was sad because I thought they would probably be happier with fur. What the hell do I know. At second look, their faces are very interesting and they look more intelligent than a lot of humans. Go furless cats!!!

  • Rachel

    The little Bambinosphynx cats r GORGEOUS!!! To all the IGNORANT IDIOTS that r posting horrible, nasty, threatning (as IF they cud even carry out wot they say – Brain deads!)comments… GET A LIFE, these cats ARE BORN WITH NO HAIR…Do U UNDERSTAND THAT??? They r beautiful, sweet lookin things & I SO WANT 1 NOW!!! :0)

    • Lethe

      Do YOU understand that they are bred that way? To satisfy people who think ‘They r beautiful sweet lookin things &SO WANT 1 NOW!!!”

  • Anonymous

    I’m very interested in these breeds. I love cats and have allergies.

    • Gary

      Sphynx cat
      Most cat allergies are a result of the Fel d 1 glycoprotein, which is present in cat saliva and skin excretions. So the runny eyes, watery noses, and scratchy throats endured by most allergy sufferers are virtually unavoidable if they are exposed to cats. Southern California-based company Allerca claims to have bred a hypoallergenic cat, which was engineered to have modified versions of the Fel d 1 glycoprotein. However, as The Scientist reports, “Allerca published no scientific proof that their pets are in fact hypoallergenic, and subsequent investigations conducted by The Scientist found several disappointed customers who were essentially told that they were too allergic to receive Allerca cats.” While not hypoallergenic, the Sphynx is recommended by some breeders as better for allergy sufferers, simply because they don’t deposit allergen-laden hair.

  • Anonymous

    These cats obviously inspire madness.See above,

  • Anonymous

    Yeah sure they are born that way, I love cats, but I can’t imagie anyone other than a fat bitch who likes to think these animals are cute. just like you, your fat, the cat is hairless, it makes a good combination but share the ugliness the way genetics are supposed to be shared!

    • jillybeans

      Actually I own a hairless cat and I am hot and thin. Weird, another anonymous sissy that can’t form an intelligent opinion and is only capable of ranting and raving in a completely spastic fashion. Do us all a favor and read a book. Until then your opinion holds no validity.

  • Anonymous

    Breeding any animal for some oddity that occurred once in nature seems to be more of a commercial venture than one that takes the animals health and welfare to heart.

    For example, look at English bulldogs, who have to be C-section delivered because they’ve been bred for narrow hips and broad shoulders. Playing with nature like it’s your God-given right is wrong.

    • Anonymous

      There is absolutely nothing wrong with these cats. They live a perfectly happy life, they just lack fur.

    • deb

      I absolutely agree with you. People shouldn’t mess with God’s creations just to make money or make something the way they want it to be.

      • Benjamin Terry

        Why is it okay to breed them for other reasons? Long hair, different colors, short legs, but hairless just seems to FREAK people out! GOD put them here! They were not hatched in some backwoods science laboratory! Its not about making money, it is about their welfare completely, they are by far the most intelligent and loving cats ever! PERIOD! Don’t like them don’t get one, its that simple!!

  • Anonymous

    Were those cats born that way or did somebody shave their fur off?

    • Anonymous

      They were born that way you idiot. They are breeds created because of a Dominent natural mutation.

  • Anonymous

    I would invent hairless sheep to make sheep farmers’ jobs easier. The time they formerly spent shearing the flock could be used for the betterment of humanity.

    • Lethe

      Naked humanity.

  • Anonymous

    All cats are beautiful, with or without hair. My cat was in an accident when he was still very young, and as a result he had to have his tail amputated and skin grafts, leaving him with bald spots. He is the most loving cat in the world, and he is still beautiful to me, just like these cats.

  • Anonymous

    isn’t this an animal blog? Why is someone posting pictures of demons?

    • GeeSha

      You idiot!!! they arn’t demons!! Dumbheaded son of a bitch!!!

      • Defenseman13

        lol, look at the butthurt cat ladies crying. Does yelling at someone making a joke fill that empty void inside of you, much the same way cats do? Must suck being disabled and unable to see your own vagina.

    • jillybeans

      Wow you’re ignorant and boring. But your fine as long as you can hide behind “anonymous.” At least own it troll.

      • Defenseman13

        *you’re, and get a sense of humor

  • http://www.blogger.com/profile/02757017231748715720 Muhammed Abdulmuqeet

    Its creation of the Almighty we should admire them. If god made them that way we have to accept them

  • Star Starline

    These cats are lovely! I love cats but can’t have them because, of my cat allergies.

  • Danny Holcomb

    The elf cat is cute but one of the pic is really cute.

  • flutterbish

    0_0 wow the comments on this post are !@#$%^&*… The hairless kitties are gorgeous tho !

  • Looooovin all cats

    At first I didn’t like the sight off the hairless cats … but now I think they are just as adorable as cats with fur …just had to take a second look

  • Faye j

    awwwww i want a bald cat soooo bad i dont care which one there all so cute!! they remind me of a little gremlin,i would swop my tea cup chihuahua anyday! at least i wont have hair all over the place,bald cats r the new chihuahua,can dress them up!,n the stupid idiot who thinks people shave them need to go back to school.DUMB ASS

  • scrufflesdaddy

    how can i get my cat wit no fur ? i tri cliprs nd razer.. she no like nd bite.. can i tri product like nair ??? i want cat wit no fur !

    • CarlyB

      I hope you’re kidding.

  • CatLover5000

    Some of the early cats that exhibited this mutation were interbred in order to create the hairless breed. Which is why some have heart problems and shorter life spans. However the cats are very sweet cats. Many enjoy warm baths and showers with their owners. They are happy with the way they are. As long as the cats find good homes and are loved I think it is perfectly acceptable to have cats this way and now that there are so many there is less interbreeding.

  • Anonymous

    All animals are beautiful no matter what you idiots say. I’m sure that the people that leave hateful comments are so ugly inside out and they have so much complex about themselves. I happen to have a beautiful sphynx cat and she’s the sweetest animal I ever had. If you forget the fact that they do look unique, they make an amazing pet. So haters shut your mouths and be more open mind about it

  • Jami

    I adopted an abused rescue hairless sphynx and came here to do research. I am LMAO at the comments!!! P.s. I ended up having to really be talked into taking the cat. Here’s the facts, they have to be BATHED once a week since there’s no hair to keep their oil from gunking up on their skin. They get chronic ear infections since there’s no hair to whisk the wax out of their ears. They don’t cover their poop in the litter box (SO stinky). They are the most loving/sweet cats EVER. Cat allergies can be worse with these cats if you’re allergic to dander because they are ALL dander and no hair. I love having a cat with no pet hair in my house though. Very grateful for the cat, but don’t kid yourself about the difficulties of owning one. Also, previous owner spent about $5000 in one year on her health issues. They are genetically screwed up and high maintenance. Also, I DO think it’s cruel that they’ve been bred into these messed up sickly genetic mutants. I would never buy one, but she needed a loving home, so here we are :)

    • preferable peterbald

      The peterbald dose not come with the same health problems they have been more carefully breed. There really aren’t any heart problems or other genetic defects.Like the ones found in the Canadian sphynx line. It a fairly new breed but the bloodlines are jealously guard to keep people from breeding poorly breed cats.So on a whole the Peterbald tend to be healthier.I think its wonderful that you rescue your Cat and are realistic about the facts.Hairless do require care.

    • kurzie

      Jami, it seems you resent performing the care this breed requires. Also it is obvious you don’t know much about the breed. I think you should find a home for your sphynx in which he/she will be loved and appreciated.

      • Pat Ireland

        ^^^ This ^^^

      • Random

        Sorry I did not read anything like what you have written from Jami’s post. She sounded very caring but was giving the public a heads up on the detailed care these cats require.
        You on the other hand Kurzie, should like a breeder definding her cash crop. I don’t like people like you. DON’T create issue where there are NONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • EQ

      I have a Sphynx which I DID pay for and you are obviously NOT a sphynx person, but you do seem to care for the kitty so not hate from me. They do need baths, granted I would say once every two weeks is plenty in a clean environment, mine has NEVER had an ear infection but we have a cleanser from the vet to clean the ears (also once every other week), this cleanser also is used t clean the yeast off of her nails as they do turn black, and she gets eye boogers on occcasion since there are no eyelashes. Also there is a huge misconception here about the “mutation” hairless cats were no so much “bred” to be so, much more natural. Two cats WITH hair gave birth to the first sphynx, one line originated in Canada another in Russia, if you do your research and go to a reputable breeder they will be able to tell you about the bloodlines and will not do close breeding. Adoraelves Cattery in Fl is where we got ours! She’s is so loving and wants to be with us constantly, if you do something to dis please her highness, you’ll know about that too… she has a personality and a half and is abosolutely loved!

  • Jodie

    Awwww they’re quite cute :3

  • GeeSha

    it reminds me of Kitty Galore! =] smart hairless cat.. sooo love it!! :>

  • Shola Fanu

    Hahahaha I’m cracking up….so cute, funny, and ugly at the the same time

    • Holy Son


  • jillybeans

    I have a one year old peterbald boy who is awesome.I love the way he creeps others out. He is by far the friendliest most intelligent animal I’ve ever met!!!!!

    • Jessie-Anne Landry

      haha he is sooooo cute,he’s posing like a model :3

    • Wedge

      on another subject, Ive always been interested in these cats, I think they rock, simply because they are DIFFERENT! I once lived in the desert in Cali, and the animal shelter there had a hairless dog, a Chinese Crested, nobody would pet it, take it home. I walked a mile or so daily to go over and play with that dog, the shelter wouldnbt put it down because at the time they were very rare in the states., I wanted to take him home, but was moving back to Missouri, and had a 8 month pregnant wife, a cat and a dog to put in a lil 66 cuda.. it wouldn’t have been well for that ride. :(

  • John Elder

    Cats most definitely do smile. You have to know what to look for.

  • John Elder

    Some of these cats look like people. Tempted to run off one or two of the really human-like ones and post them at work to see who it reminds people of.

  • Pat Ireland

    I thought they were kind of funny looking at first. Then I met my first live Sphynx and decided that the photos don’t do these adorable kitties justice. They have such sweetly expressive faces, and cameras don’t seem to capture that. And they have the most loving and affectionate temperaments. Inbreeding can be a problem (with ANY popular breed, since not all breeders are responsible or particularly knowledgable) but do your homework and make sure you get a kitty from a responsible breeder.

  • Holy Son

    This is a laugh. This cats are killing me, plus they don`t look happy,
    they all seem to be sad, maybe it`s because they know they don`t have
    skin on their body.

    • Avadon

      If you were bred with tons of hair while all other humans had none, you’d find all that hair to be a great disadvantage. So it is with these cats. Of course they look pissed. They have every right to be. It would be like you or I being born with one leg simply because someone thought that was cool.

  • H.E Sharp

    I love how even though humans are mostly naked, they think that everything else that is hairless or mostly hairless is “ugly”. Hypocrisy, your name is humanity. XD

    • Avadon

      The only thing sadder than that is the fact that humans go out of their way to breed hairless animals that have no business nor benefit to being hairless in order to match their own hairless bodies.

      • Benjamin Terry

        don’t get one then…you obviously have no experience with them. It amazes me how, long hair is fine, short hair is great, different colors are cool, floppy ears , that’s alright, hairless, thats different, people who have no idea start talking shit! DONT FRICK’N buy one. You have no idea about their personality, they are unlike any cat that I have ever owned by far…Keep your negative comments to yourself if you dont know what you are spewin!
        just sayin!!

  • Sandra

    I have a little Peterbald. She was brought into the Animal Hospital my hubby works at needing a home. When we got her she had a major anger issue, but after a year of having her she has done a complete turn around. Just needed a loving forever home instead of being thrown from home to home because people liked how she looked then got rid of her without giving her a chance. I wouldn’t take anything for her. Full of personality and loves that she has 3 other playmates here. Yes you have to give them a bath often, but she’s crazy easy to bathe and it’s done in just a matter of minutes. As far as health issues she hasn’t had anything out of the normal happening. It’s winter here now and she has to be covered up most of the time so she isn’t cold (she hates the clothes that were given to us when we got her so we typically don’t put them on unless it’s going to be crazy cold). Her favorite spot is snuggled in with me or hubby in our housecoats. If you aren’t prepared to give them your attention, and yes they require lots of love, as well as a few minutes to clean them this is definitely not the breed for you. Biggest difference I’ve noticed between her and my other cats is she has loads more energy. Laser pointers work well for that and usually ends up with having all 4 of my cats chasing it in turn :)

  • marley

    I so want one!! or would it be cheaper shaving my cat?

  • Jean-Andree’ Roberts

    I have (2) Sphynx cats, they are about 7 years old now, absolutely no health issues. I have had cats all my life but Sphynx are different, they have such vibrant personalities and exude joy. They do not behave like other cats, they love attention and love to play. Sad? My kitties haven’t been sad one day of their lives, they are bundles of joy. If anyone that thinks that they are sad actually had a Sphynx they’d realize how silly they sound to those of us who own them.

  • Aimee Henson

    just came across this, information on Ukranian Levkoy is inaccurate, it is a cross between a Scottish Fold and a Donskoy (Russian Hairless) NOT with a sphynx.

  • Max P

    Can anyone tell me if I will still be allergic to these cats?

  • Weirdanimalboy .

    What about the Lykoi? Bred to look like a werewolf!

  • Shadow

    Domestic cats did not even exist on the North, central, Southern American continents in the time of the Aztecs. They are originaly from the fertile Crescent (Egypt-Israel-Mesopotamia (today Iraq)-Syria-Cyprus). So they have only been in the Americas for a few hundred years. The Xolo on the other hand has been around for a lot longer.

  • Danielle Lampp

    I love the expressions on their face. What a cool animals to have. Maybe someday I will be able to get one. The Peterbalds tend to attract me the most. I love what I have read and seen about their personalities.

  • worldwide_webster

    Yes, there are certainly breeders who are more conscientious than others, however, “responsible breeder” is an oxymoron when there are millions of unwanted cats, including very affectionate, highly intelligent cats of all types, which are put to death every year because there aren’t enough homes for them. You know who are the truly responsible people who care about cats? The ones who dedicate their energy to TNR for strays and to educating all pet owners to spay and neuter their pets, as well as donating to offset that expense for those who have limited means.